The new version of psnGallery2 will be soon out. List of new features and their statuses : “picture id” displayed via mouseover “EXIF info” displayed if present “Most Viewed” function as in Coppermine (overall or for a specific category/album) “Last Uploaded” function as in Coppermine (overall or for a specificplus

What’s that ? It provides you an “gateway” between your Coppermine Gallery and your WordPress Blog. A lot of functionnalities for your Blog within a post or outside a post ! How to make it work ? The main requirements are to have installed : Coppermine Gallery (minimum 1.1D) installedplus

As you know I am working on psnGallery 1.3.0. I have decided to provide you the possibility to view it as I will be not available a while (I am going on holiday abroad). All the plugin parameters are displayed in the psnCPGAdmin module. The new functionnalities are :plus

I added the well-done plugin of Joel Bennett. It allows to replace text into an image… Very easy to use, very powerfull ! More than probably I will created few new functionnalities….(eg: merge with psnGallery) All titles of all posts are for the moment using that

the plugin “psnGeneric version 1.0.1 is finally out ! It was announced few weeks ago…But I had a lot of work to do that’s why it is out only today ! So what’s the plugin ? Do you see the “quote” block on the left side of this site ?plus

No ! I am not dead ! I was silent for days (even weeks)…. I was working on a lot of stuffs and I was overloaded ! I finally managed to finish everything this Friday and to conclude : on Friday, my boot harddisk of my personal desktop crashed !plus

What’s psnGeneric ? It allows you to display an extract (random or not) of several records based on a key from a table. This can be used to display a random quote, a list of file to download, a list of … in fact, what you want ! How doesplus

Well, at first sight both sites are equal… In fact, was created in the hurry due to issue with the webhoster of But normally, should have been created a little later. In fact, I planned to create another site dedicated to Web Development with everything related. Soplus

So ! Here we go ! The release of psnGallery 2 (wordpress + Copermine) is out since few days but as you know, the is down for unknow reason without news from the webhoster ! 🙁 So as promised, here is the zip of the plugin Have fun withplus

Well, I know it is always annoying to wait for news…. So here are some… 🙂 The most important addition/change with the release is the fact that all the configuration parameters are now stored in a table in the “wordpress” database (see below to have further information). Here are theplus