No ! I am not dead ! I was silent for days (even weeks)….

I was working on a lot of stuffs and I was overloaded ! I finally managed to finish everything this Friday and to conclude : on Friday, my boot harddisk of my personal desktop crashed ! Let’s say it my good period….

I have to look at the bright side…. ;o)

A lot of new things are coming :

  • layout totally renewed.
  • in the coming days, 2 new plugins (psnGeneric and psnSTAT and their administration pages) will be available.
  • On a old PC I just have installed RedHat 9….to play a bit with Linux. That why on, a new category will be created : “Linux / RedHat”.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say : In the coming days, I will remove from this site all the links, categories and posts related to WordPress Development. And I will move them to (and vice-versa).

This will allow me to make an actual difference between and .

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