When a directory becomes a subdomain

Quand on veut que chaque sous-répertoire devienne directement un sous-domaine : voici le “virtualhost” a ajouté dans le fichier Apache :

<VirtualHost XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX>
ServerAdmin webmaster@domain.com
DocumentRoot /home/domain/www ServerName www.domain.com
ServerAlias domain.com *.domain.com
VirtualDocumentRoot /home/domain/%-3.0
UseCanonicalName off
CustomLog /home/domain/logs/access_logs combined
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/domain/cgi-bin/
User domain Group users

Near Future Posts plugin

For an external development I needed to be able to display future posts but not all future posts. I started with the future posts plugin of Michael Moncur but it doesn’t fit to what I really needed.

The posts to be displayed should have been maximum 20 days in the future…

So the plugin is now able to display the future posts of ‘x’ days (defined via an simple administration screen).

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psnGallery 2

This plugin allows you to have access to your Coppermine Gallery directly in
WordPress (Version 1.2 or higher).
With this version, all the configuration parameters are stored in a new table.
In fact to make the plugin working, you must create it and insert few records.

Pre Requirement :

– Coppermine Gallery minimum 1.1D must be installed and versio 1.3 to be able to use the “multimedia” files
– WordPress 1.2 minimum

The album list below has been generated by using the following tag :


where the 12 is the category and 1 for thumbnail size.


  • Animaux, poupées
  • 5 pictures, 279 hits, 11 votes


  • Abats-jours
  • 9 pictures, 174 hits, 8 votes


  • Accessoires Cuisine
  • 22 pictures, 502 hits, 3 votes


  • Accessoires Salle de Bain
  • 2 pictures, 103 hits, 3 votes


  • Bijoux
  • 4 pictures, 111 hits, No vote


  • Cartes 3D
  • 4 pictures, 108 hits, 1 vote


  • Cartonnage
  • 7 pictures, 302 hits, 4 votes


  • Chambre de Shani
  • 6 pictures, 176 hits, 1 vote


  • Collage Serviettes
  • 19 pictures, 3820 hits, 20 votes


  • Fêtes
  • 18 pictures, 764 hits, 6 votes


  • Marché de Noël 2004
  • 30 pictures, 374 hits, 2 votes


  • Mosaïque
  • 10 pictures, 281 hits, 1 vote


  • Peinture sur Soie
  • 15 pictures, 992 hits, 27 votes


  • Photos
  • 13 pictures, 22 hits, 1 vote


  • Sacs
  • 6 pictures, 152 hits, 4 votes


  • Scrapbooking
  • 39 pictures, 1776 hits, 9 votes


psnGallery2 v1.4.0 Alpha 1.zip available for download

As promised, merry Christmas !

Enjoy ! Don’t forget this is an ALPHA version ! So don’t use it on your production server ! If you do so, don’t blame me !

I did my best to provide an easy-to-run install/upgrade but I only checked few configurations !

Let me know if you have issues ! 🙂

I am still working on EXIF and multimedia stuffs….

Here is the gift :
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psnGallery2 1.4 preview

As you know I had some hard time those last weeks : too much work no enough time ! Well, I assume it is end-of-year related as it is like that every year !

Oops ! I said that it is “end-of-year” period…. Oh ! No ! No gift ?!?!!!

Well, in fact there is a gift : my famous psnGallery2 new version (1.4.0) will be soon available…probably current of the coming week.

The major innovations are :

  • Install / Upgrade script (as simple as the one from WordPress !)
  • psnCPGAdmin.php has been reviewed to allow to display albums without categories (sorry to be so late, Sophist…)
  • fixes of several bugs

To install or to upgrade to this version, you will have to fill in the following screen :


Here below, some snapshots of the install script and of the psnCPGAdmin…

So this will be soon available for download ! Christmas time ! 😉

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