the plugin “psnGeneric version 1.0.1 is finally out ! It was announced few weeks ago…But I had a lot of work to do that’s why it is out only today !

So what’s the plugin ?

Do you see the “quote” block on the left side of this site ? and the “download” filelist block (also on the left side) ? Both are done via the psnGeneric version 1.0.1

So in other word, it is something that display an extract or a full list of records based on a criteria.

For the “quote” example, here is the line added in my “index.php” : the_genRandom( 'QUOTE',1,'','','', ''); .
For the “download” example, the following code is used : genList( 'WPHACK',100,'','','', '');

How to create/manage those lists ?

I create a small administration page for that.

Three different actions are possible : editdeletecreate.

Everything is done via a very easy and intuitive tabular interface.

In order to fix a small mySQL syntax issue (for old mySQL versions), you have to update the line 94 of wp-admin/psnGENAdmin.php as below :

Change $psnSQLLimit = "LIMIT ".$psnLimit." OFFSET ".$psnOffset;
into $psnSQLLimit = "LIMIT ".$psnOffset.",".$psnLimit;

Thanks Bernd Pressler to notify me about this.