As you know I am working on psnGallery 1.3.0. I have decided to provide you the possibility to view it as I will be not available a while (I am going on holiday abroad).

All the plugin parameters are displayed in the psnCPGAdmin module.

The new functionnalities are :

– Mime support : as CPG 1.3.0 supports media other than simple pictures, I also added that kind of support.
– fix some issues with size (thumbnails, etc….)
– Check if the file exists (thumb_, normal_ and the full size file) based on the filesystem. If the file doesn’t exist (for any reason), a filetype thumbnail is displayed.

A preview download release is available…. psnGallery1.3.0Alpha

As usual, don’t hesitate to contact me in case of issue and questions…. 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    using different sizes (thumbs, normal, full) still not working…. 🙁 …hoping for the beta or final…

  2. hey, i just tried the simple fix, and it messed my entire WP up… I don’t know what happened but i can’t even get it back to the way it was… It’s not like there was even anything i could have screwed up… I get these errors as you can see on Any suggestions?

    You probably forgot to define mime-type. Please refer you to the install/upgrade procedure


    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/osterbri/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/psnGallery2.php on line 310


  3. I am currently having an issue where i upload the psn_gallery2.php to the correct directory…it causes my entire site to become unavailable until i go and delete the file. Is this something with my host? Any ideas?

  4. Have you try to re-download the “psnGallery2 v1.3.0Alpha” ? And to replace your current psnGallery.php ?

    If this doesn’t work, could you send me your psnGallery2.php and a dump of your “psnGallery” table per mail ? I will check and fix…

  5. I did redownload with the same issue… The host mentioned that there has been someone attacking php scripts on our server… so that may have been it… i’m about to try again… do i set the database info for coppermine or for wordpress in the info i send into the database? i always forget and have to try many times to get it right.

  6. in psngallery table, you set the coppermine info.

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