As you know I am working on psnGallery 1.3.0. I have decided to provide you the possibility to view it as I will be not available a while (I am going on holiday abroad).

All the plugin parameters are displayed in the psnCPGAdmin module.

The new functionnalities are :

– Mime support : as CPG 1.3.0 supports media other than simple pictures, I also added that kind of support.
– fix some issues with size (thumbnails, etc….)
– Check if the file exists (thumb_, normal_ and the full size file) based on the filesystem. If the file doesn’t exist (for any reason), a filetype thumbnail is displayed.

A preview download release is available…. psnGallery1.3.0Alpha

As usual, don’t hesitate to contact me in case of issue and questions…. 🙂