For an external development I needed to be able to display future posts but not all future posts. I started with the future posts plugin of Michael Moncur but it doesn’t fit to what I really needed. The posts to be displayed should have been maximum 20 days in theplus

This plugin allows you to have access to your Coppermine Gallery directly in WordPress (Version 1.2 or higher). With this version, all the configuration parameters are stored in a new table. In fact to make the plugin working, you must create it and insert few records. Pre Requirement : –plus

I have integrated some new functionnalities in the sidebar : The “Most popular Posts” based on StatTraq plugin and inspired by the work of Soon also a version of “Who’s Online & Where” plugin based also on StatTraq plugin. Those 2 new plugins will be available soon for

Totally new layout for based on the famous “kubrick” and in addition upgrade to WordPress 1.3 Alpha 4 ! I temporary desactivated my TFS plugin…Not because it doesn’t work but because I am writing a totally new “statistics”

I want to gather your feedback and your requests for the plugin psnGallery2…. I already know few of them : – Add a start and end date for all tags and functions – Fix the multimedia files support – Implement EXIF support – “one-click” installation script or transparent install (plus

I installed the statTraq plugin on 23rd September but I found a small issue with permalink url…The post id was not saved because I am using nice url… Insert the following code just after $browser = statTraqGetBrowser(); (around line 37) in “wp-content/plugins/stattraq.php”….plus

Well, I was helping Peter to use psnGallery2…And I finally found the issue : His Coppermine database name was like “database-coppermine” ! So in the code, to be able to handle several databases (one for WordPress and another for Coppermine), the plugin is using this kind of syntax : selectplus

The new version of the psnGallery2 has been released ! As announced, the new functionnalities are : Display the last uploaded pictures from a specific Coppermine album Display the most viewed pictures from a specific Coppermine album Display the best rated pictures from a specific Coppermine album They are availableplus