Well, I was helping Peter to use psnGallery2…And I finally found the issue :

His Coppermine database name was like “database-coppermine” ! So in the code, to be able to handle several databases (one for WordPress and another for Coppermine), the plugin is using this kind of syntax :

select * from database-coppermine->cpg110_config this causes a mySQL Error ! Because the first dash seems to be considered as a special character !

To fix this, I will deliver very soon the release 1.3.2 !

In the meantime, if you have the issue, simply replace in psnGallery2.php (around line 164)

$info['TBLPREFIX'] = $info['DBNAME'].'.'.$info['TBLPREFIX'];
$info['TBLPREFIX'] = ''.$info['DBNAME'].'.'.$info['TBLPREFIX'];

This will fix the issue !

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