No ! I am not dead ! I was silent for days (even weeks)…. I was working on a lot of stuffs and I was overloaded ! I finally managed to finish everything this Friday and to conclude : on Friday, my boot harddisk of my personal desktop crashed !plus

As you know now, the Star Wars Trilogy DVD will be out in September 2004 ! Here is the packaging preview : 68|5|1 This four disc DVD features the Star Wars trilogy. Disc 1, Episode IV A New Hope: Eighteen years later, Luke Skywalker, a young farmboy on Tatooine, isplus

Sunday afternoon,in Antoing, the “Cortech” took place for the second time. It is a parade in the streets of the town. My wife, as she works for the “Foyer Culturel d’Antoing” , and I gave a hand to the organisation of the event. She participated more than me, she hadplus