I want to gather your feedback and your requests for the plugin psnGallery2….

I already know few of them :

– Add a start and end date for all tags and functions
– Fix the multimedia files support
– Implement EXIF support
– “one-click” installation script or transparent install (

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  1. psnGallery is not (does not) want to work on WordPress 1.3-alpha-4. The menu.php is the particular stopping point.

  2. Just have a look at Test blog…WP1.3Beta4….
    The procedure to add the following line in “wp-admin/menu.php” as changed a bit, but it is still working :

    $menu[70] = array(__('psnGallery'), 8, 'psnCPGAdmin.php');

    This is a TEST site so it is possible that it will not be available all the time ! I am playing with 1.3 so…..

  3. I would like to see the pictures displayed with the number of times it was viewed underneath it… not sure if that is even possible though.

    Also, and i may be missing it here, but it would be nice to be able to get the picture id number from inside the plugin… I run 1.3.0alpha

    Also, perhaps create quick tags for it? I’ve made one for cpg_gallery but perhaps one for all of them and have popup windows for variables…. kind of like the images quicktag. There’s a lot of tags to remember!

    Just some ideas… oh and i like the redesign!

  4. Oh, and how about a coppermine template that is tableless and integrates into the Kubrick design! I can dream can’t i?

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