plugin psnGallery2 version 1.3.1 available for download

The new version of the psnGallery2 has been released !

As announced, the new functionnalities are :

  • Display the last uploaded pictures from a specific Coppermine album
  • Display the most viewed pictures from a specific Coppermine album
  • Display the best rated pictures from a specific Coppermine album

They are available via tags in post and via php functions anywhere else.

The automatic install script will be soon available…

You can download it via the download section or by clicking here

14 Replies to “plugin psnGallery2 version 1.3.1 available for download”

  1. Peter Barbosa

    Email me the exact things you need. I will give you my Phpmyadmin info, etc.

  2. admin

    difficult to say like that ! It seems that indeed something is wrong ! can you sent me an unload / dump of the psnGallery table and also the from coppermine ?
    You don’t have to update / edit the wp-config.php !

  3. Peter Barbosa

    Did I have to edit wp-config.php ? I inserted the tables into my wordpress.. and coppermine is properlly installed.. what step did I miss?

  4. Peter Barbosa

    Im having some difficulties.. I intested the new table and all of the SQL information, and clicked on “Activate” on the script.
    Now this is what I receieve: cannot connect to WP Am I missing any step? Did I have to edit the wp-config.php file?

  5. clkung

    Hi, I have used the psnGallery for a while,but when I installed a new plugin user-online by Gamerz,
    I found that it only work when the psnGallery is deactivated. I wonder why and whether you
    could offer any suggestion how to trouble-shoot this problem ? Thank you for your help.

  6. bilibalado

    I just download the plugin and I found some of the tags di not function very well in my site.

    For example, I put this ‘< ?php CPGAlbumName(2); ?>‘ to show the name of my 2nd album
    in my menu. Nothing appeared.

    Also this tag ‘CPGAlbumPicCount($albumid)’ is not normal on my site either.
    I have to use ‘

  7. admin

    Happy to read that !

    Indeed, the script assumes that the WP table prefix is “wp_”…I will adapt that in the “automatic install/update” script.

    I am not the developper of Coppermine….I hate table tags ๐Ÿ˜‰ …..

  8. Clay

    Well, I got it integrated, and it went largely without problems. I did encounter two problems: first of all, my table prefixes for my blog aren’t wp_, and there was one place where that was expected – I had to rename the table inserted into the Db with the proper prefix. Secondly, the issue mentioned above. I’ve created a new coppermine theme to match my blog. It was pretty easy, though (and I’m not a PHP expert), it seems like the structure of the Coppermine files is sort of a mess, and/or could be consolidated. And so many tables! Is it necessary to use the table layout with Coppermine, or can it all be moved to CSS? Well, check it out: and click on Gallery on the menu on the right.

  9. Clay

    There is an error in your install instructions SQL query — the big one. There’s a quote missing in this line:
    (‘DOCUMENT’, ‘pdf’, ‘application/pdf),

    it should be:

    (‘DOCUMENT’, ‘pdf’, ‘application/pdf’),

  10. admin

    You mean having a single picture coming from a specific album ?
    in a post : <cpg_gallery>5|1|1>/cpg_gallery>

    This will give you one thumbnail picture extracted from album 5.

    For the principle : the plugin accesses to the Coppermine tables, generates the link to the Coppermine pictures.

  11. Clay

    I like the look of this, but before I try to integrate it into my blog, I have a question: if you want to link a particular gallery to your post, and have a single thumbnail visible, how does that work? Do you go into coppermine, create and update the gallery, and then put a particular link with the gallery name there? Sorry for the simple question… I just want to make sure that I understand it before installing it. Also, I assume that this script installs on top of a separate coppermine installation?

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