due to a small little tiny bug, the size selection is not working.

To fix the issue :

in function psnExtractTags($cBuffer, $cTag, $cEval), search for $GalleryTag = substr($GalleryTag,0,strpos($GalleryTag, "“)-1); find the line of code, simply remove the “-1“.

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  1. Great! It is finally working – for almost every constallation. But I have still problems with this album: http://www.pixal.de/cpg/thumbnails.php?album=5. I used in CPG the “Admin Tools”, then “Delete original size photos”. After that, the normal pictures (called “normal_xxx.jpg”) were re-named (to “xxx.jpg”). The tumbs are still called “thumb_xxx.jpg”. Now your plugin is unable to detect wether the normal-sized-picture-file has the prefix “normal_” or not; in this particular case (see my album no. 5) your plugin gives me the correct filename and a link to the cpg, but can not display the picture. Any suggestions?

  2. Sorry, I couldn’t reproduce the problem. I tried this again with other albums, but after updating thumbs and resized pictures, everything seemed to be working just fine… don’t bother about my last post then, maybe the album no. 5 is just corrupt…

    Thanks again!

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