The beta version of psnGallery2 will be out soon (normally this week-end)…It includes few new functionnalities :



  • new tag : <cpg_galcatview> which displays the thumbnails of all the albums of a specific category (look at psnGallery2 Test Page) or above…
  • mod_rewrite usage (Friendly URL) : Totally user defined.
  • Few code fixes
  • Code cleaned a bit.

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  1. Hi! Do you still consider a port of this wonderful plug-in to Gallery version 2 ( It would be so cool:-) Michiel

  2. looking forward!

  3. i found your site from the support page of wordpress. I am having little diffculities here to install the script, will you give a little help?

    my Coppermine Photo Gallery is at
    and my word press is at

    psnGallery is also uploaded and actived in the plug in place, but it it just dosen’t show up the random pics on the blog.

    My email, looking forward to your sugguestion. I can send you my login both the wordpress Coppermine. thanks.
    Btw, nice site.

  4. This script is awesome, I had it installed and running in no time at all! But for some reason, the “-1” for all albums doesn’t work. I can set it to a specific album ID and it works fine, but when set to -1 it says “Album -1: No picture found”. I can’t find where -1 is set to signify any album, and if I do find it, I won’t know how to fix it. 🙂 Any ideas?

    Thanks for the cool script – check out and my “Random Napoleon” pictures! 😀

  5. Hi guys!

    Maybe the question is dumb, but it gives me lot of headache 🙂

    In order to solve some problem in the attempt to integrate gallery/WP/wp-gallery plugin, I’ve come to Coppermine & psnGallery2 plugin and it works as you can see on my site, i.e. ‘cpg test’ shows picure from cpg album.

    However, I do not understand why when I select the same post from Archive | Categories, the psnGallery2 plugin tags are stripped and instead of thubmnail I get 5|1||||?

    The same problem I had with WP/gallery/wp-gallery plugin 🙁

    What is the trick to preserve plugin tags so that picture can be seen in Archive/Categories archive – same as it is for this original post which includes 2 thumbnails.

    I installed everythin from the scratch – fresh install of latest WP build, clean cpg132, no permalinks, no other plugins…but cannot solve ‘the mystical WP stripping’ 🙁

    Pls. help :confused:


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