Quickfix to try.

Try to replace the famous line 97 :

if (!$wpdb->query("SHOW TABLES FROM ".DB_NAME." LIKE '$psnGalleryTable'"))

I wrote try because I can’t reproduce on my side the issue…..

Give me your feedback !

Sorry to be so absent but I have a lot of work…..

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  1. Is there a way to not show private albums when you choose to show random pics from all? or is there a way to show random pics from multiple categories?

  2. Is there a way to not show pics from private albums when showing random pics from all albums? or is there a way to show random pics from certain categories?

  3. Can you log into my wordpress and show me what did i wrong? I have follow the read me file step by step already.

    First , i run the install script at :


    and inputed my CPG database info and successed.

    and the i went in plug in under admin of word press to active the plug and i did it.

    but when i go to admin of psnGallery page at


    it gives me errors, can you help???????????????

    my wordpress login is: ************ Password is:************

    my friendphotos.com and friendphotos.com/me ftp login is:

    server: friendphotos.com
    Login: ************
    pass: ************

    my email is **********.


  4. Now it works ! 🙂

    The issues were :

    1. The database name for CPG is : “*******_***”
    2. The CPG Prefix is : “cpg11d_”
    3. in CPG itself, the “ecards_more_pic_target” was set to
    “http://coppermine.sourceforge.net/” instead of
    4. It seems that the wp_psnGallery table was generated in the CPG
    database instead of the WP database…I have to investigate this.

  5. skp: The next beta version will include the exclusion of all the private albums…

  6. I have tried to install the latest version and got the error in line 97, changed the line with the new code and now I;ve got an error in line 160
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘}’ in wordpress/wp-content/plugins/psnGallery2.php on line 160

    Any idea how to solve this problem?

  7. sorry… did not work for me – ive got a fresh install of psnGallery2 1.4.1a and an upgraded install of WP1.5…

  8. I am not sure why, since I upgrade to psngallery2 v1.4, the cpgpicture tag show normal size picture as full size ? how can I correct this ?

  9. @Joran:

    at the end of the modified line 97

    if (!$wpdb->query(“SHOW TABLES FROM “.DB_NAME.” LIKE ‘$psnGalleryTable'”))

    put an {

    so it actually should be

    if (!$wpdb->query(“SHOW TABLES FROM “.DB_NAME.” LIKE ‘$psnGalleryTable'”)) {

  10. Hi–I’ve been trying to get psnGallery2v1.4.0.A.1 working with WP 1.5 and Coppermine 1.3.2, and have run into the same problems discussed here and in the WP Forum. I’ve tweaked at (famous) lines 47, 97, and 160, but now I get this:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/isogloss/public_html/wordpressfolder/wp-content/plugins/psnGallery2.php on line 101

    This is well beyond my ability to troubleshoot at this point. Any help in getting this working? Thanks in advance.

  11. I am having a strange problem. If this has been answered before please accept my apologies, I could not find a similiar situation detailed here or elsewhere.

    What is happening is I have WP 1.5 and CM 1.3.2 and the this alpha version of the new psnGallery plugin all running perfectly. The only odd this is that i can not find a link to the admin page anywhere in the admin area and if i go to it directly i just get a blank white screen.

    I love your work on this and would love to have that last bit, that insert to post feature (clickable) up and running. The preview images posted here look great.

    Thank you for this software and thank you in advancve for any advice.



  12. I am still having the line 97 error even after replacing the line. I also have a problem that the link in the plugin for the configuration leaves the /wp-content/ out of the url where do i need to go to fix this
    all other plugins work correctly.

  13. HI!
    I just upgraded from one of the very first versions, to 1.4.0 and I cant find my the psnadmin within the wp-admin anymore. how do I implement it into the wp-admin again? thanks

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