Here is the fast track for the “dash” in database name issue !

The release is only fixing this specific issue.

click psnGallery2 version 1.3.2 to get it.

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  1. Nice work, on the plugin. But is it possible to display icons/previews of other files rather than image files? Since i tried using random picture tag on my wordpress layout, using all directories, so it displayed randomly of any file from my coppermine album, including midi files, avi files, etc. Should there be a check on what file to display before sending the output through the plugin? I mean if users were to use the plugin for other purpose to integrate with the coppermine album, it’ll be alot better if it supports other media types rather than only picture files, or simply filter them out? Or maybe an option to support them?

    You can see the results of the plugin i implemented on my website, and apparently, it keeps showing up blank or broken image link when it displays other media files rather than image files. So i decided to delete the image files to display the problem.

  2. I really enjoy your Coppermine plugin but I am concern with the security issue. How safe is it to put admin name and password in wp_psnGallery table without encryption?

    Thanks for your attention.

  3. Hey, I am having a conflict with your plugin and another plugin. The URL for the other plug in is It’s a plugin for sending an email whenever the site is updated. It works fine until i activate your plugin, then it stops sending out email notifications… and it works again once i turn yours back off. Any idea what could be causing this conflict?

  4. I am gonna check….will let you know…. But at first sight, the only conflict I could potentially coming from a variable used in both plugins….

    Do you get an error message ? Or something that can help me on what to check ?

  5. I’m using psnGallery2 with Coppermine 1.4.0 (alpha, CVS version) and it run OK!! 😀

  6. :o)

    Thanks for the information ! Happy to read this !

  7. Ahren : I find the cause of the issue ! :o) In fact, it is because the e-mail notification plugin is using standard mysql functions, and they are not working with the wp class…

    To fix the issue you have to make sure that the email notification is referencing the correct database (simply add the database name in the SQL clauses…

  8. Thank you very much for taking the time to look into my problem. I have searched and to be quite honest, i do not know what you’re talking about. I don’t know my php very well (just enough to edit tiny pieces) and i definately don’t know sql much… could you please give me an example as what i need to change? I understand if you don’t have the time or desire to help me furthur as it’s not your problem… thanks again for telling me what the issue is.

  9. I assume you are using minimum 2 different databases (one for WP and another one for CPG).

    psnGallery2 is using the same method as WP to access the database (DB abstraction layer). It seems that the “wp-email-notification” plugin is not using the DB abstraction layer. So in other words, any other plugin which uses another database will have the same issue !
    Here is the code that causes you some problems :

    $query = "SELECT email_addr FROM $wpdb->email_list WHERE gets_mail = 1";
    $res = mysql_query($query);
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res)) {
    $addr = $row['email_addr'];

    So to fix the issue, in “email-notification-v1.5.php” around line 21, you have something like :
    $wpdb->email_list = $table_prefix . 'email_list';

    Simply change to :
    $wpdb->email_list = DB_NAME .'.'. $table_prefix . 'email_list';

    I haven’t tested it but it should work.

  10. You kick ass! If you want to email me a paypal, link, I’ll buy you a beer!

  11. LOL ! Thanks anyway ! It was/is a pleasure ! 🙂

  12. I serve RealAudio Video files (.ram) using Coppermine, but psnGallery2 shows no thumbnails at all. It only shows file_names.ram as if all .ram files all are audio files.

    Is there any way to show thumbnails for each .ram video files using psnGallery2? All my video files each has its own thumbnail (for example: thumb_memories.jpg, not generic one, thumb_movies.jpg). Please help.

  13. I have to say that I have checked the multimedia files….And for the moment I am rather busy at work…..
    As soon as I have more time, I will check/update/fix but for now I have no time…

  14. Thanks for quick response. Glad to know there’ll be an update for video files very soon.

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