According the WordPress Support forum, several requests appeared..about having a way to found out the albumid, the pictureid, etc…

So, my answer is :

Here is a preview of the Administration page for psnGallery2 plugin.

psnCPGAdmin Overview

psnCPGAdmin Overview

The new psnGallery2 will be out soon. In fact, I am reviewing the way of handling the “customized” tags and as you can imaigne in the preview above, a management of the plugin parameters is done now via another way (a configuration table). This is in test phase since yesterday.

If I have enough time, the new release (including the admin page) will be available for download tomorrow night (GMT+2).

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  1. ooooh! lookin good!

  2. Indeed, I am a little proud of it…But tonight, you will have it too ! ūüôā

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