As you know I am working on psnGallery 1.3.0. I have decided to provide you the possibility to view it as I will be not available a while (I am going on holiday abroad). All the plugin parameters are displayed in the psnCPGAdmin module. The new functionnalities are :plus

Issue description: If the <cpg_xxxx> tag is used with only 1 parameter and no separator, nothing is displayed. Discover by: William Spaetzel Final Fix : next release (probably 1.3.0) Workaround: use the tag with parameters (eg: <cpg_gallery>3|2|1</cpg_gallery> instead of <cpg_gallery>3</cpg_gallery>)plus

What’s psnGeneric ? It allows you to display an extract (random or not) of several records based on a key from a table. This can be used to display a random quote, a list of file to download, a list of … in fact, what you want ! How doesplus

Out of a post (eg: in index.php) // Generate tags to display several random pictures from a specific Coppermine album (if -1 : from all albums) function CPGRndPicture($aid=-1, $count =-1, $nSize=1,$before=”,$after=”, $activelink=true, $dummy=”) // Generate tags to display a full album from a specific Coppermine album (if -1 : fromplus