I worked all the week-end in my house (in the kitchen in fact). Some manual work, “bricolage” as we say in French….But I took few seconds to deliver you few of my modules for WordPress.

So now, you are able to download :

  • psnStat which is the TFS addon module (you can see it in action on the right side of this page, requires TFS installed).
  • psnStatGraph which is the Pie3D of psnStat (requires JPGraph)
  • psnGallery which is the Coppermine addon (you can see it in action on this site, each time you see “random” pictures they are coming from a Coppermine album of the galleries.arewel.com ).

I hope you will have fun with those add-ons to WordPress.

If you use one of those scripts, please, let me know !
If you want few adaptations or new functionnalities, I will be happy (if possible) to do it !

Read you soon !

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  1. Could you please explain to me how I can use your psnGallery addon for WordPress? Do I have to add it to my-hacks.php?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I am working on the documentation for all my modules. Soon a dedicated section of this site will be available for that.

    See the post of today for further info….

  3. OK, how do I unpack a .rar file on a Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system?

  4. To unzip a .rar file under Windows, you have a lot of tools. Eg WinRAR, 7Zip, …

    Here is the link to 7-Zip

  5. Any chance you could show off your stats code (used in the RH column) to help me (and others) work out what to do with the files we download? I set up TFS ok (and it is working after I hacked the REMOTE_ADDR code to work with my cache) I have your module and no idea what to do with it. At a wild guess I stuck it in the tfs directory and then ‘included’ it in my wordpress index.php on the assumption that I could then use the modules (ala call the functions) and expect to see some output. Nothing yet. It looks really cool on your site and I would like to get mine doing something similar – a quick outline of the calling code would be great. Thanks.

  6. Well, of course, as usual with TFS, you have to add a call to the famous “include” for each page you want to “monitor”.

    Here is the code for the RH column :

    echo TFSWhoAreYou('basedirectory','flagsdir','osdir','browserdir','dbname');
    echo TFStatBrowser('thisweek',5,1,'browserdir','dbname');
    echo TFStatOS('thisweek',5,1,'osdir','dbname');
    echo TFStatVisitor('today',5,1,'flagsdir','dbname');
    echo TFStatCountry('forever',99,1,'flagsdir','dbname');

  7. Thanks. That worked a treat. I realised I was missing some of the image graphics as well ūüôā But the text stuff is working. Now to try the fancier version….

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