I have implemented a new tag in any post… The tag <gallery>AlbumID|Count|Size</gallery> ! This in conjunction with the “psnGallery.php” addon allows you to display within a post “Count” random pictures from the Coppermine Album “AlbumID” in the “Size” (1= small, 2=normal). For example, to get 4 random small pictures fromplus

I was surfing on different blogs when I found this scary picture…. Unfortunately, all those guys are dead for…. I don’t know why ! And you ? Here are the three size images : small, medium, large. Source: Original: American Leftlist Mirrored: Photo Mattplus

As you noticed, I was not really active those last few days. In fact, I was very busy at work and finally I took one week of holidays to calm down a little bit my life… ;o) So my wife and I went to Senegal for a “farniente” week !plus

I worked all the week-end in my house (in the kitchen in fact). Some manual work, “bricolage” as we say in French….But I took few seconds to deliver you few of my modules for WordPress. So now, you are able to download : psnStat which is the TFS addon moduleplus