As you know I had some hard time those last weeks : too much work no enough time ! Well, I assume it is end-of-year related as it is like that every year ! Oops ! I said that it is “end-of-year” period…. Oh ! No ! No gift ?!?!!!plus

A lot of people are asking me where I found my calendar pictures…. As I wrote on the WP forum in the topic : For the images themselves, well, as I don’t remember from where I downloaded them and as I am not the creator, I prefer to not packageplus

I have integrated some new functionnalities in the sidebar : The “Most popular Posts” based on StatTraq plugin and inspired by the work of Soon also a version of “Who’s Online & Where” plugin based also on StatTraq plugin. Those 2 new plugins will be available soon for

I finally upgraded to Coppermine Gallery 1.3.2.. I also totally changed the template of the galleries to be more consistant with this blog. Both ( and are using a theme based on the famous “KUBRICK“. Next step is make the template of the gallery totally

Totally new layout for based on the famous “kubrick” and in addition upgrade to WordPress 1.3 Alpha 4 ! I temporary desactivated my TFS plugin…Not because it doesn’t work but because I am writing a totally new “statistics”

I want to gather your feedback and your requests for the plugin psnGallery2…. I already know few of them : – Add a start and end date for all tags and functions – Fix the multimedia files support – Implement EXIF support – “one-click” installation script or transparent install (plus