This hack provide to the user his/her IP, the country associated with the “hostname” and finally the browser used. Of course this can be used to Monitoring / Statistic purpose…

In the “index.php”, you have to add : require_once(‘b2whoareyou.php’);
To get the country : < ?php echo WAY_country(); ?>
To get the Browser: < ?php echo WAY_browser(); ?>

Easy, no ?

Ce hack fournit

3 commentaires

  1. This is a nice hack, but unfortunately, it tells me that I am located in Belgium. The colors of the flag are the same, but actually, I am sitting in Germany ;).

    Nonetheless – great thing, it must be an error with my IP, I suppose…

    – Jérôme

  2. Oooooooops!!! Forget what I just said, please!. I should look closer next time and see the difference between a screenshot and a no-screenshot. I am sorry ;).

    – Jérôme

  3. I am getting this error…Any clue
    parse error, unexpected '?', expecting ']'
    in /$PATH/b2whoareyou.php on line 5


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