This hack provide to the user his/her IP, the country associated with the “hostname” and finally the browser used. Of course this can be used to Monitoring / Statistic purpose… In the “index.php”, you have to add : require_once(‘b2whoareyou.php’); To get the country : < ?php echo WAY_country(); ?> Toplus

Why “Good luck” ? I am currently upgrading my WordPress .72beta to .72Gold. No special thing to say…except it goes very smoothly…. !!!! Pourquoi “Bonne Chance” ? Je suis en train de metreplus

🙂 Finally, I cope with ! Yeap ! Very proud of me ! Only small remaining issue : those stupid scrollbars linked to DIV but if I remove them. Let’s say…. I am happy now ! 🙂 🙂 Finalement j’y suis arrivplus

Well, it seems that this new layout is not really supported by Mozilla… 🙁 It is already better but not yet correct so…. I will work on it tonight. I hope I will have time….We will see. Ben on dirait que cette nouvelle mise en page ne passe pas bienplus

From now on, all posting to come will be bilingual : English / French. My wife isn’t fluent in English… A partir d’aujourd’hui tous les postings seront bilingues (Anglias/Franplus

Yeap ! First step… Now the WordPress has a “limited” access to COPPERMINE (the gallery part of this site). ————————————- Eh oui ! Le premier pas… Maintenant mon WordPress dispose de fonctionnalitplus

As you can see, I change the look of the blog. The theme is inspired from Windows XP. Everything is CSS without table ! I ripped nearly all images with ….XP ! The style is based on a work of Lim Chee Aun. I kept the philosophy but I amplus

We experimented few DNS issues those last days….Here below the answer of the hoster : … Now, the websites were unavailable for a brief period of time, however the server experienced no loss of functionality. The problem resided in a higher level dns server loosing the zone file for ourplus

Few weeks ago, Cline and me went to Tunisia. We did a round-trip there all accross the country. The most beautiful part is the South (of course!) with the Desert ! the_Random_picture(5, 1,21,”,”);plus