psnGallery2 v1.4.0 Alpha available for download

As promised, merry Christmas !

Enjoy ! Don’t forget this is an ALPHA version ! So don’t use it on your production server ! If you do so, don’t blame me !

I did my best to provide an easy-to-run install/upgrade but I only checked few configurations !

Let me know if you have issues ! 🙂

I am still working on EXIF and multimedia stuffs….

Here is the gift :

psnGallery2 v1.4.0 Alpha

33 Replies to “psnGallery2 v1.4.0 Alpha available for download”

  1. I got the line 47 error, deleted it completely (didn’t think to comment it out), and have the same line 97 error that everyone is having.

    96 // check if the psnGallery table exists, in other words, psnGallery installed ?
    97 if (!$wpdb->query(“SHOW TABLES LIKE ‘$psnGalleryTable'”)) {
    98 return false;
    99 }

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