psnGallery2 1.4 preview

As you know I had some hard time those last weeks : too much work no enough time ! Well, I assume it is end-of-year related as it is like that every year !

Oops ! I said that it is “end-of-year” period…. Oh ! No ! No gift ?!?!!!

Well, in fact there is a gift : my famous psnGallery2 new version (1.4.0) will be soon available…probably current of the coming week.

The major innovations are :

  • Install / Upgrade script (as simple as the one from WordPress !)
  • psnCPGAdmin.php has been reviewed to allow to display albums without categories (sorry to be so late, Sophist…)
  • fixes of several bugs

To install or to upgrade to this version, you will have to fill in the following screen :


Here below, some snapshots of the install script and of the psnCPGAdmin…

So this will be soon available for download ! Christmas time ! 😉

  • Brand New installation :
    Nothing to display.
  • Upgrade installation :


3 thoughts on “psnGallery2 1.4 preview”

  1. THe “mysql table prefix” is the table prefix used by your Coppermine Gallery (something like “cpg130_”). THis will allow the plugin to have access to the data contained in your CPG. This allow also to have for example several CPG instalation in one WP installation….

  2. please help me
    sorry to ask this simple question
    when i use paginstall page to install psg in my wordpress
    but in the first page i can’t to pass .
    so i want to know what is [mysql table prefix]?
    i must fill it in what
    thanks a lot

  3. Thanks! Can’t wait for this update… I still use psnGallery every day and very succesfully. I believe psnGallery/Coppermine is by far the best gallery solution for wordpress.

    Don’t mention the wait. My solution, with its side effects and all, got me through these few weeks quite well, now didn’t it 😉


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