I am currently thinking to migrate everything to b2evolution.

For multiple reasons, the most important is probably the integrated multiple blogs management ! That will allow me to solve my problem with languages. Futhermore, the code itself looks better in b2evolution. Another very useful functionnality is the “hierarchy” in Categories.

Well, I don’t know ! We will see ! May be I will, during a certain time, think to this.

But my feeling is : “Why aren’t they merging those 2 developments ?”

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  1. I looked at b2Evolution, also. I like the multi-lingual blog posting, but I also need to be able to alter the timestamping. I didn’t see a feature for that. Besides, there are an abundance of WordPress features that it simply didn’t have. Currently, I like where WordPress is headed. It seems to be keeping up to date with the changing blogging community.

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