I will soon fully integrate ZenPhoto into this site. The development of my ZenPhoto gallery is under construction…You can see it at http://photos.arewel.complus

I added few new photos that I forgot to upload. In DUNE album : and in Cologne Album : If you refresh this window, you will get other pictures from those albums….plus

Finally, I just take few minutes to write this small tiny hack of WordPress. In 2 steps you get images associated with your posting. I know it is a quick-and-dirty way of doing it. But at least it works !plus

All the galleries are back online as promised ! Even more, our last trip in Bretagne is in ! I cleaned a bit the Tunisia gallery. Now they are less photos but I think it is better. Just have a look at http://galleries.arewel.com or http://idahocline.info/gallery/ (sometimes, the DNS has problems…..plus