After a small delay, the promised hacks are out !

I wrote something very generic in order to be able to fill nearly all requirements !
This hack can handle what you want ! for the usual “Quote of the day”, the current “Book”, the “Movie”, the “link” as I said what ever ou want !

The function to call is :

$cTag, // Tag Type
$count=1, // Number of rows to display
$cCollectBefore=”, // Thing to display before anything else
$cCollectAfter=”, // Thing to display after everything
$cItemBefore=”, // Thing to display before each row
$cItemAfter=”, // Thing to display after each row
$cValBefore=”, // Thing to display before main value
$cValAfter=”, // Thing to display after main value
$cAssBefore=”, // Thing to display before the associated value
$cAssAfter=”) // Thing to display after the associated value

The table used must have at least the following structure :

id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
KeyField varchar(15) NOT NULL default ”,
KeyValue tinytext NOT NULL,
KeyAssociated tinytext,
KeyCreated timestamp(14) NOT NULL,
KEY KeyField (KeyField)

The PHP code is very very difficult… ( less than 10 lines !!!!!!) 😉

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  1. Makes no sense, and there is no admin area to easily update these entries. Try again

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