Further information on psnGallery2 tags/functions

Out of a post (eg: in index.php) // Generate tags to display several random pictures from a specific Coppermine album (if -1 : from all albums) function CPGRndPicture($aid=-1, $count =-1, $nSize=1,$before=”,$after=”, $activelink=true, $dummy=”) // Generate tags to display a full album from a specific Coppermine album (if -1 : from all albums)… function CPGAlbum($aid, $nCols=4, … Read moreFurther information on psnGallery2 tags/functions

PHP Tag within a post

Based on the work of Stevarino and to answer to WordPress Forum, here is another version : I found the problem….It comes the formatting functions which convert few “special” characters into more fancy one…. function run_phpinpost($data) { $PHPTag = “phpcode”; $data = str_replace(array(“rn”,”r”), “n”, $data); while (false !== strpos($data, “< ".$PHPTag .">“)) { $Before= substr($data, … Read morePHP Tag within a post

psnGallery2 1.2.1 changes overview

Well, I know it is always annoying to wait for news…. So here are some… πŸ™‚

The most important addition/change with the release is the fact that all the configuration parameters are now stored in a table in the “wordpress” database (see below to have further information).

Here are the differents news functionnalities available with psnGallery2 1.2.1 :

  • User Defined tags for posting where you associate a tag to php code
  • Coppermine Albums viewer within WP-Admin area
  • Coppermine Pictures viewer within WP-Admin area
  • psnGallery2 parameters viewer within WP-Admin area
  • Fix of few bugs
  • etc…

In the future versions, I will add a “online” configuration of psnGallery2.

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psnCPGAdmin preview (psnGallery2 admin page)

According the WordPress Support forum, several requests appeared..about having a way to found out the albumid, the pictureid, etc… So, my answer is : Here is a preview of the Administration page for psnGallery2 plugin. The new psnGallery2 will be out soon. In fact, I am reviewing the way of handling the “customized” tags and … Read morepsnCPGAdmin preview (psnGallery2 admin page)

Nicer Archives integrated

I finally integrated the “nicer archives“. Easy, simple, nearly nothing to do to be integrated ! Click here to view it in action or in the Blog menu, select the option “Archives”.

George W. Bush quotes…

I have gathered few quotes from George W. Bush…. “The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country.” – George W. Bush “If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.” – George W. Bush “One word sums up probably the responsibility of any Governor, and that one word is ‘to be … Read moreGeorge W. Bush quotes…

Cortech ‘2004

Sunday afternoon,in Antoing, the “Cortech” took place for the second time. It is a parade in the streets of the town. My wife, as she works for the “Foyer Culturel d’Antoing” , and I gave a hand to the organisation of the event. She participated more than me, she had to sew the costume of … Read moreCortech ‘2004