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Why idahocline.com and idahocline.info ?

Well, at first sight both sites are equal… In fact, idahocline.info was created in the hurry due to issue with the webhoster of idahocline.com. But normally, idahocline.info should have been created a little later.

In fact, I planned to create another site dedicated to Web Development with everything related. So let’s say that this site will be soon totally redesigned to be more developper oriented, with different areas, like :

  • CSS/xHTML : Templates / tutorials / links
  • Design : Ideas, discussions about Web Designs
  • PHP/mySQL : Tips and tricks for PHP, mySQL, …
  • WordPress : plugins, tips & tricks, …
  • Showcase : portfolio of several projects done or in progress
  • Testing area : do you really don’t know what it is ? 😉

Normally this site with architecture above will be online soon, probably end of June….

Of course, idahocline.com will stay online but will be more focused on my wife and I.

I am also working on several other WP plugins (with an administration page):

  • psnGeneric v1.0.0 : Random Item: Random Quotes, Books, … based on a table (Totaly generic)
  • psnGallery2 v1.3.0 : Coppermine Gallery (including all supported formats)
  • psnStat v1.0.0 : TFS WebStatistics

RSS Aggregator back online

My RSS Aggregator is back online. On the top page of the blog, you can see a small demonstration of my WordPress addon.

It is using the “MagPie” technology. The interface with WordPress is very basic for the moment, normally one of my projects is to allow the management of those RSS via the “Admin” menu of WordPress.

The addon uses a mySql table which contains a list of RSS feeder.

RssID – RssTitle – RssUrl – RssActive
39 – LaughingMeme’s MLPs (Magpie) –  http://laughingmeme.org/mlp/index.rdf – 1
38 – Brussels Weather – http://www.undergroundlondon.com/weather/world.rss/053/c00191 – 1

The latest version is the one I use, it will be soon available. The previous version is already available for download.