psnGallery2 : famous line 97

Quickfix to try. Try to replace the famous line 97 : if (!$wpdb->query(“SHOW TABLES FROM “.DB_NAME.” LIKE ‘$psnGalleryTable'”)) I wrote try because I can’t reproduce on my side the issue….. Give me your feedback ! Sorry to be so absent […]

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psnGallery 2

This plugin allows you to have access to your Coppermine Gallery directly in WordPress (Version 1.2 or higher). With this version, all the configuration parameters are stored in a new table. In fact to make the plugin working, you must […]

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psnGallery2 1.4 preview

As you know I had some hard time those last weeks : too much work no enough time ! Well, I assume it is end-of-year related as it is like that every year ! Oops ! I said that it […]

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“Most Popular Posts” based on StatTraq

I have integrated some new functionnalities in the sidebar : The “Most popular Posts” based on StatTraq plugin and inspired by the work of Soon also a version of “Who’s Online & Where” plugin based also on StatTraq plugin. […]

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Totally new layout for based on the famous “kubrick” and in addition upgrade to WordPress 1.3 Alpha 4 ! I temporary desactivated my TFS plugin…Not because it doesn’t work but because I am writing a totally new “statistics” page.

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psnGallery todo list

I want to gather your feedback and your requests for the plugin psnGallery2…. I already know few of them : – Add a start and end date for all tags and functions – Fix the multimedia files support – Implement […]

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