What’s psnGeneric ? It allows you to display an extract (random or not) of several records based on a key from a table. This can be used to display a random quote, a list of file to download, a list of … in fact, what you want ! How doesplus

Out of a post (eg: in index.php) // Generate tags to display several random pictures from a specific Coppermine album (if -1 : from all albums) function CPGRndPicture($aid=-1, $count =-1, $nSize=1,$before=”,$after=”, $activelink=true, $dummy=”) // Generate tags to display a full album from a specific Coppermine album (if -1 : fromplus

Well, I was too fast to deliver the psnGallery2…In the sql, included in the “package”. There is a “(” too much ! In order to fix the issue. Execute the following sql (eg, from phpMyAdmin) : UPDATE wp_psnGallery SET value = ‘CPGPicture($elems[ 0 ], $elems[ 1 ], $elems[ 2 ],plus

So ! Here we go ! The release of psnGallery 2 (wordpress + Copermine) is out since few days but as you know, the idahocline.com is down for unknow reason without news from the webhoster ! ūüôĀ So as promised, here is the zip of the plugin Have fun withplus