I have integrated some new functionnalities in the sidebar : The “Most popular Posts” based on StatTraq plugin and inspired by the work of jfoucher.info. Soon also a version of “Who’s Online & Where” plugin based also on StatTraq plugin. Those 2 new plugins will be available soon for download.plus

I finally upgraded to Coppermine Gallery 1.3.2.. I also totally changed the template of the galleries to be more consistant with this blog. Both (http://blog.idahocline.info and http://galleries.arewel.com) are using a theme based on the famous “KUBRICK“. Next step is make the template of the gallery totally tableless.plus

Totally new layout for http://blog.idahocline.info based on the famous “kubrick” and in addition upgrade to WordPress 1.3 Alpha 4 ! I temporary desactivated my TFS plugin…Not because it doesn’t work but because I am writing a totally new “statistics” page.plus