TFS Statistic in 3D PieCharts

I have created a new plugin to TFS, it generates PieCharts for Top x Most used Operating Systems, Browsers and Countries. It is in fact an extension to the psnStat module. Samples of graphical 3D PieChart for TFS Statistic….(figures for those last 7 days) echo TFStatOSPie3D(‘thisweek’,5,1,400,200,true,’idaho_stat’); echo TFStatBrowserPie3D(‘thisweek’,5,1,400,200,true,’idaho_stat’); echo TFStatCountryPie3D(‘thisweek’,5,1,400,200,true,’idaho_stat’); It uses the fabulous “jpgraph” … Read moreTFS Statistic in 3D PieCharts

WordPress 1.2Alpha used for the new release of the “cline area”

Well, I am currently replacing the static, old-fashioned site of Cline with WordPress 1.2-alpha (2003-03-11). The showcase is available at Until now, I encountered few issues but they were so low that it is no use to speak about ! 😉 I tried to keep the design as it was in static but tableless … Read moreWordPress 1.2Alpha used for the new release of the “cline area”

new TFS 1.0.8 is out since yesterday

A new version of the original TFS script has been published yesterday, the changes i have made are : minutediff changed in hourdiff added browser version support added database installation script new bots/browsers and searchengines time calculation is now done in SQL there is a “full version” and “upgrade version” available in the “” download … Read morenew TFS 1.0.8 is out since yesterday

Site layout more “graphic”

As you probably noticed, several layout changes occured of this page. Few icons, images appeared all around the pages for the post categories, for the menu, …. The layout is still under design… I am still working on. So if you notice few strange things, don’t worry ! I am playing !