A very interesting article on “Easy CSS drop shadows” for images, text, everything ! Yeap ! Very usefull ! Easy CSS drop shadows There is also another article at alistapartplus

As promised, I am currently integrating TFS and WordPress. The phase 1 of my project is now completed ! 🙂 The first phase can be viewed of the menu side. Those functions are based on the wonderfull script TFS and TFS Modules for Mambo. Weekly, daily or Monthly statistics onplus

Today it is a snowy day in Belgium ! Brussels is totally under snow ! The traffic is totally out of control ! Trucks, Cars are just…stuck everywhere. The situation looks like an white inferno ! It took me 4 hours to drive 65km (from home to work) ! Crazyplus

My RSS Aggregator is back online. On the top page of the blog, you can see a small demonstration of my WordPress addon. It is using the “MagPie” technology. The interface with WordPress is very basic for the moment, normally one of my projects is to allow the management ofplus

I added 2 modules to this site. “random pictures” module from the Coppermine Gallery is available. It shows pictures from the galleries “Quote of the day” module is also available Of course, those modules will be available for download very very soon (in few hours)….via the new module “Generic List”plus

Due to the domain transfer (from www.idahocline.net to www.idahocline.info) and the layout changes, I still have to integrate all my WordPress add-ons in a page. Normally this week-end, I will add a new section called “WordPress Add-Ons”. On that page, all the previous hacks will be available for download.plus

As announced yesterday on starwars.com ! Finally after..euh…..a long time ! The most requested films for the DVD format will finally become a reality this September as Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox present the eagerly-awaited Star Wars Trilogy for the ultimate home entertainment format. The four-disc collection will beplus

Well, I am trying to improve the quality of the layout of this site. I hope it will be cute and will be ready as soon as this site will really be opened !plus

Due to a incredible number of issues withmy previous webhost, I decided to transfer everything to kronix.net. They have attractive prices and, well, we will see… ;o) So for the coming days, I will focus on the transfer from the previous to the new….plus