To busy to work on Categories

I have to apologise….I am too busy at work to develop something…..I know it is a pity but that’s life…. 🙁

This weekend, I also have to work. So may be current next week… 🙁

I am still at work for the moment, I have a big issue to fix…By the way, if you want information on the company where I work, just click BASE

Categories with Icon

I am new with WordPress, but I think I can put my contribution to the hacks….
I am going to develop a small change in the code of WordPress.

Let imagine for each category an associated icon (a kind of what *Nuke calls Topics).
This will required an update of strcuture of the table wp_categories
Few new template functions will appear as the_category_icon()

I am going to work on it tonight so normaly it will be availble for download tomorrow morning (GMT+2)

WordPress chosen !

I finally choose WordPress. I tried a lot of Blog tools, I even think to write my own but finally my choice is WordPress. The famous successor of B2. A lot of advantages, not complicated, a lot of users, good support (forum)….

Welcome back !

Finally back online ! Not too early ! Anyway…Let’s start with a good news : as you can see we are back !
It is no used to explain during hundreds of lines the “why, what, how” and so on…So just look at the future ! ;o)

Be positive ! Give a chance to everybody !