“Autant en emporte le vent”…Musical Comedy

Friday, we saw the “Autant en emporte le vent” musical comedy. Wow !

Everything was…..wow ! Music, lyrics, dancers are very good. Better than “Notre-Dame de Paris”.

As usual, for that kind of spectacle, no camera allowed 🙁 but here are few pictures from the official site.

Tag Gallery added in Posting…

I have implemented a new tag in any post…

The tag <gallery>AlbumID|Count|Size</gallery> !

This in conjunction with the “psnGallery.php” addon allows you to display within a post “Count” random pictures from the Coppermine Album “AlbumID” in the “Size” (1= small, 2=normal).

For example, to get 4 random small pictures from the Album 6 (Boussole), the following command <gallery>6|4|1</gallery> will give :

Easy no ? In my-hacks.php, you have to add…
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Back from Senegal

As you noticed, I was not really active those last few days. In fact, I was very busy at work and finally I took one week of holidays to calm down a little bit my life… ;o)

So my wife and I went to Senegal for a “farniente” week !

What a wonderfull week we had ! We burnt our bones…What a pleasure ! Of course, we took few pictures. Few of them are in the Gallery area of this site.

“Aldiana 04/2004” album :

“Sénégal 2004” album (Peinture sur soie)

If you refresh this window, you will get other pictures from those albums….

Addons for WP available for download

I worked all the week-end in my house (in the kitchen in fact). Some manual work, “bricolage” as we say in French….But I took few seconds to deliver you few of my modules for WordPress.

So now, you are able to download :

  • psnStat which is the TFS addon module (you can see it in action on the right side of this page, requires TFS installed).
  • psnStatGraph which is the Pie3D of psnStat (requires JPGraph)
  • psnGallery which is the Coppermine addon (you can see it in action on this site, each time you see “random” pictures they are coming from a Coppermine album of the galleries.arewel.com ).

I hope you will have fun with those add-ons to WordPress.

If you use one of those scripts, please, let me know !
If you want few adaptations or new functionnalities, I will be happy (if possible) to do it !

Read you soon !

Upgraded smoothly to WP1.2Alpha

I just migrated to WordPress 1.2Alpha (wordpress-2004-03-31).

The only issue was the admin password….I had to change it.

I am gonna use the categories hierarchy soon.

TFS Statistic in 3D PieCharts

I have created a new plugin to TFS, it generates PieCharts for Top x Most used Operating Systems, Browsers and Countries. It is in fact an extension to the psnStat module.

Samples of graphical 3D PieChart for TFS Statistic….(figures for those last 7 days)

echo TFStatOSPie3D(‘thisweek’,5,1,400,200,true,’idaho_stat’); echo TFStatBrowserPie3D(‘thisweek’,5,1,400,200,true,’idaho_stat’); echo TFStatCountryPie3D(‘thisweek’,5,1,400,200,true,’idaho_stat’);

It uses the fabulous “jpgraph” library.

Three functions have been created for this :

  • TFStatOSPie3D($Frequency = “today”, $nMax = 5, $Header=2, $Width=400, $Height=200, $Legend=true, $dbname = ” )
  • TFStatBrowserPie3D($Frequency = “today”, $nMax = 5, $Header=2, $Width=400, $Height=200, $Legend=true,$dbname = ” )
  • TFStatCountryPie3D($Frequency = “today”, $nMax = 5, $Header=2, $Width=400, $Height=200, $Legend=true,$dbname = ” )

I will package and document those new functions and they will be available for download very soon.

WordPress 1.2Alpha used for the new release of the “cline area”

Well, I am currently replacing the static, old-fashioned site of Cline with WordPress 1.2-alpha (2003-03-11). The showcase is available at http://craft.idahocline.info.

Until now, I encountered few issues but they were so low that it is no use to speak about ! 😉

I tried to keep the design as it was in static but tableless !

All your comments are welcome !

Below a printscreen of cline.idahocline.info (first) and the next one is coming from craft.idahocline.info. The first one is static html, the second one is using WordPress (XHTML and CSS2)….



Of course, the WordPress site is not yet finished ! But it is on its way…. 🙂

New Layout on idahocline.info

For the third time, the layout of this site changes !

Now, I added a full CSS dropdown menu (with the hack “whatever:hover” from Peter Nederlof for the Internet Explorer support).

I tested the layout on Firefox, IE6… I notice few tiny differences as usual but it is usable on both browsers.

I am waiting for your comments.